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mrs. ratkowski

-academy lead


What I teach:

World Literature (Sophomore)

Perspectives in Literature (Senior)

Communications Academy Leader

What does my class entail:

Explore different cultures and societies outside of the US and get a different perspective on how people live along with their values and beliefs. 

For Incoming Parents About my class or classes:

Different cultures and societies outside of the United States, gaining knowledge of where values and beliefs come from. Integration with the academy- lots of projects with digital art, film, and writing news articles, as well as feature photography



Where I went to School:

Greenfield High School and Alverno College

Why did I choose my career:

"During high school, I had a lot of teachers I really connected with and really shaped who I am today. Because of that connection, I wanted to do that for others."

What I get out of teaching my certain subject:

"I see it as an opportunity to help students become the best versions of themselves, gain new knowledge and help them become better at whatever it is they're already good at," "As my role as the academy leader, being the voice of the academy, and advocating for who we are and what our students do, its a good opportunity to showcase 'this is who we are."

My favorite thing about teaching:

"Seeing that moment when students are really getting it. Like they struggle, or maybe they're not understanding it, then all of a sudden something just clicks and they get it"

What I do outside of school:

Spending time with family- daughter and husband, lots of trips to the zoo. Lots of reading.

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