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ComAc Studios

We aim to provide customers with the best quality of service by providing print, graphic, and digital media solutions.

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We Plan.

Monday through Sunday we are communicating and finding out what we need to do to showcase our school and other organizations. We work together to see how we can make videos, posters, ads, etc for our school and other community things in Kenosha.


We Gather.

As we plan we give our section groups tasks to get whatever information that we need for such a project and we start to gather all information, pictures, b-roll, and everything we need. And later on, we discuss it with each other to see what we need to do to change it and make it even better. 


We Create.

Every month, ComAc Studios creates a t-shirt. Everything from design to production to marketing and administration, students handle the creation and sales of the monthly shirts, and all other project we take on.

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