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Mr. Strait


-"the pulse" Newspaper

-ITTV video announcements

What I teach:

-Multi-media Video Production and Studio Broadcasting (Juniors and Seniors)
-High School News Publication (Juniors and Seniors)
-English (Senior)

What does my class entail:

-Digital media production
-Studio Recording
-Investigative Reporting
-Graphic Design 
-Editorial Writing
-Organizational Production 

For Incoming Parents About my class or classes:

The Pulse and ITTV are internship-based courses that allow students to apply real-world media skills as a cohesive, team-inspired, largely self-financed organization. Journalistic principles and methods underlie the design and production skills they continue to develop as they produce for school-wide broadcast and publication on deadline. Investigative skills will concentrate on the interview and research while post-production skills will focus on areas of visual and sound design. Gauging the interests and needs of an informed school community is a constant source of direction for both courses. 


Where I went to School:


Why did I choose my career:

I find teaching to be one of the most powerful ways to inspire young people to transform themselves, and, by extension, their world.

What I get out of teaching my certain subject:

I am invigorated by the infectious energy demonstrated by highly innovative and creative students working toward a common goal. They work and play as a team, and support each other technically and emotionally.  

My favorite thing about teaching:

I am privileged to be invited into the lives of so many special, uniquely talented, and storied individuals.

What I do outside of school:

I run, read, write, and spend oodles of quality time with my wife and son.

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