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mr. glidden

-digital graphics

What I teach:

-Intro to digital graphics (Freshman)

-Advanced digital graphics (Sophomore)

-Digital illustrations Media concepts (Junior)

-ComAc Studios advisor

What does my class entail:

Visual communication; 2D Design basics; Digital citizenship; Copyright laws; Gestalt theory; color theory; typography; layout design; branding; logo design; product designs; environmental design; coming soon: print systems

For Incoming Parents About my class or classes:

When arriving at the Communications Academy in the fall, freshmen will begin learning the basic foundations of visual design, digital literacy, and basic techniques in several programs including, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. In sophomore year, students will expand their technical skills and use what they learned in their freshman year on more significant concepts, like branding, environmental, and product design.


Where I went to School:

Carthage College Kenosha WI

Why did I choose my career?:

passion for designing the colors, and type, altogether, love working with younger people and seeing them grow. Family in ministry; serving people for their whole life 

What I get out of teaching my certain subject:

The "aha!" moment, when they figure out how to do things, exploration, discovery, and personal growth

My favorite thing about teaching:

working with students 

What I do outside of school:

coaching football (Indian Trail) and baseball

Need To Contact me?

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